General Information

An historical city situated on the oxygen-rich skirts of Palandoken – Konaklı Mountain, Erzurum boasts a unique cultural legacy. Having a growing population, Erzurum is one of the largest cities of the Eastern Anatolian Region.


Little of medieval Erzurum survives beyond scattered individual buildings such as the citadel fortress, and the 13th century Çifte Minareli Medrese (the “Twin Minaret” madrasa). The old houses of Erzurum are mainly built with stone, soil wood and mine. There are three main types of stones used for the building of the houses; black stone, rey stone and kamper (red) stone.

For winter sports enthusiasts, Erzurum’s Palandoken is home to one of the attractive ski tracks in the country and the world. The period between December 10 and May 10, the Palandoken Ski Center opens its doors to a breathtaking skiing experience, including ski touring and Alpine touring.

Last but not least, Erzurum cuisine is there to thrill you. Ayran dish soup (a hearty yoghurt soup with chickpeas and wheat), cag kebab (a rotating kebab variety), su boregi (Turkish cheese lasagna), tandir ketesi (a type of scone prepared with butter and cooked in an earthen oven) and borani (boiled potatoes served with a yoghurt sauce) accompanied by desserts such as kadayif dolmasi (sweet pastry with walnut) and dut cullamasi (prepared with mulberry molasses) are sure to leave their delicious marks in your memory.