Dear valued guests,

In the Olympic city of Erzurum, we will bear witness to yet another success story with you. We are already filled with great excitement for hosting you in Erzurum, a city that has hosted the 25th World University Winter Games, the European Youth Olympic Festival, and many other national and international events. From the cradle of civilizations to lands intertwined with history and culture, we will undoubtedly share in the joy of the European stars, raised in the universal spirit of sports, as they achieve championships in the spirit of fair play.

Dear valued sports fans,

Our city, with its rich historical and cultural heritage, situated at the foothills of Palandöken Mountain, holds significant tourism potential in our modern era. Erzurum, renowned as one of the world’s most remarkable cities for its religious, natural, winter, and summer tourism, is also an attractive destination. With its ancient past, cultural heritage, and natural beauty, the city is like an open-air museum waiting to be explored, offering many reasons for you to get to know the Olympic city better.

Our city, which has hosted numerous international sporting events, including the 25th World University Winter Games in 2011 and EYOF 2017, will successfully host the Deaflympics Winter Games with your support. I extend my best wishes to the stars of the world and Europe who will compete here, in this dream city, which holds a distinguished and special position among Europe’s winter tourism destinations.

I express my satisfaction in welcoming you to Turkiye, a rising star in the world of sports, and to Erzurum, the center of winter sports. With warm regards and affection, I offer my love, respect, and greetings.

Metropolitan Mayor of Erzurum