Dear Sport Funs,

We are filled with immense pride and excitement as Türkiye prepares to host one of the world’s largest sports events, the Winter Deaflympics, taking place from March 2nd to March 12th, 2024. Through this significant event, we believe we will showcase our country’s hospitality and rich cultural heritage to people from around the globe in the best possible manner.

The Winter Deaflympics not only signifies a competition in sports but also celebrates friendship, peace, and international solidarity. With the participation of many countries in this Olympics, we believe that we will celebrate not only victories but also the unifying power of sports and the common values of humanity.

Winning at the Deaflympics for the hearing-impaired does not just mean winning medals; participating itself is a success. Each of you is a significant part that makes this event more meaningful, and your presence here is already a great achievement.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the athletes, coaches, families, supporters, and volunteers participating in the Winter Deaflympics. You are the real heroes of these games, and your presence here is a great honor.

I wish success to all the athletes coming from all corners of the world and hope for the triumph of sports and friendship.

Best regards,

President of the Türkiye Deaf Sports Federation (TIESF)